Friday, July 11, 2008

The DellDog Does NoHo

So much happened last night that I truly had a hard time deciding where to start, in my relaying of all the adventure that occurred! The result of my delimna works in your favor, in that I am making an announcement - up front! - beforehand! - in advance! - that today's blogpost begins a series. A three part series at that . . .maybe four part, depending on how verbose I feel as I relay the vast amount of experiential detail that would be necessary to give you, my readers, the sense that you. were. there.!! After much deliberation, I thought to start at the reason why I found myself in the middle of so much hubbub.

It was Dell.
I had not found a window of time to give him a good leg-stretching for several days. As I gathered up my sons to head to North Hollywood, a flash of brilliant idea crept up in the periphery of my mind: take Dell with.
Grabbing the leash, I didn't even need to call his name, as he was already in the garage, loading himself into the back seat with the boys, ready to go, tail wagging like nobody's business.
We dropped off Israel, and had an experience right off the bat. But, I'm not quite ready to tell you about that one. What I do want you to know first thing is that the DellDog has officially traversed the city streets of the Arts District of LA. Here is proof positive, on one of the busy intersections:
Please note that I purposely, and with great photographical craft included the fire hydrant for ambiance. Quite apprapo, don't you think?? :)
Note also, how content Keller is to take in the sights of the city scape, and how intense Dell is, at the new sights and sounds. He really didn't know how to act when a jogger would go by. Was it lunch? Do I need to go get 'im for ya, Ma? WhaddooIdo? WhaddooIdo?
I managed to keep him at a level-headed state of being, as we continued our little walk.
That's when I realized that it was finally happening:
For two solid months, the advertisements shouted at passers-by. Performers graced the building constantly, in preparation for the big day, but by and large, the traffic patterns were just that: rehearsals, rehearsals, rehearsals.
Tonight, tho! Tonight was Day 2 of the Big Production, and a host of geriatric folk were now pedestrian fare to one destination: The Debbie Reynolds show. Dell wanted to investigate further.

We even got laughed at by a gang of punk kids, who mistakenly thought we were in attendance. Pfff! Whaddatheyknow? Right Dell? Like a dog would be going to see Debbie Reynolds perform. Ha!

We ignored the jousting words, and continued down the walkway. This photo below is testimonial proof that one never knows what they will find, nor see in NoHo:

A copper bike? Oh yes. Copper, polished and burnished to a bright sheen, complete with pewter helmet-like edging, and suede fringies on the seat back, saddle style. Egads. In honor of this once in a lifetime visual, this photo is dedicated to Mom and Rog. :)

Several crazies, a couple of frightened pedestrians (like the DellDog is anything to be afraid of . . .pfff!), a tree trunk or two later, and soon, we were back at the car, ready to pick up Israel from class.

Of course, that was until we found ourselves surrounded . . .

to be continued . . .


Anonymous said...

Here's something to add to your journey: that copper motorcycle probably is the one made by Jesse James (Sandra Bullock's husband) for Kid Rock, I saw it on Monster Garage I think!

Beth said...

We saw Debbie Reynolds about 15 years ago! We lived in Las Vegas and the base was offering free tickets to a show. So we went and picked them up, had no clue who we were going to see, but it was a show! And we were poor Airmen at the time so it was something to do. It was an ok show, but I really don't remember much about it.

Cool Motorcycle!

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