Thursday, June 05, 2008


Bumbling out of bed at three am to catch a plane, returning home with a wide-awake baby who finally allows you to sleep about an hour, but then demands that you bumble out of bed once again to make sure he has his daily ration of Cheerios, has the ability to render one incoherent and wordless.

Such is the case and condition with which I find myself in this morn.


Therefore, to sum it all up, I present two pictorial thoughts, in an effort to bypass my brains' bumbled mechanisms. Please feel free to add any commentary or discourse of your choosing, to make up for the lack of intelligent descriptive rendering I may have added on my own. Thank you. :D

Exhibit A:

(Oh, come on, now! I know someone has some witty, catchy phrase to highlight that particular look that Aubrey gives. And, CameraBoy? Sure. Try your hand. I dare ya!)

Exhibit B:

(It's just too serene. Too beautiful not to stop and smell. Enjoy this moment with me, please! :D)

Pray for my brain please. I enjoy using it. I'd like it put back in it's former condition. :D

Enjoy your day!

1 comment:

Kim & Dave said...

Boy, I can sure understand that feeling....

My brain has up & left the building.

Matter of fact, I'm not even sure it's in the neighborhood anymore, lol!!!

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