Saturday, June 07, 2008

Spotted In The Greater LA Area

Taking on a new culture, new surroundings, always brings about awareness of differences and similarities. Sight of an object or area instinctively brings about a memory of something familiar - either to validate or discard the sight in question.

For instance: the chapparal covered hills that surround us here in California keenly remind me of the hills of Chadron State Park in the Nebraska panhandle.

So, sometimes, one looks at an object with a sense of familiarity, even though the object really is a foreign sight.

Such has been the case with a few items of note, which I'll share with you today.

Up first: The pigeons. They are everywhere. Any big city has a slew of them; they live in Mississippi; they take up residence for the sheer joy of having found a home. So, I'm accustomed to seeing them.

I'm not however, used to their state of accustomed to humans! While I was slow on the draw getting my camera out on this event, you can see that Israel is less than two feet away from this female.
Just moments before, she had been seated on the ground, comfortably preeening herself, whilst two nearby suitors beckoned her. In this state, Israel began gently moving toward all three of them ~ almost close enough to reach out. I daresay that if he'd had a food morsel, they very well may have eaten out of his hand. Well, that is, of course, if they'd had a mind to. they seemed very intent on their courting procedures! Their nonchalant attitude toward pedestrians is one of those 'familar unfamiliarities.'

Next up is the momentary blip of *not quite* realizing that the following image was sighted on the street corner, as opposed to the desktop:

Ah. Our favorite search engine on the 'net. Convieniently located on the corner of 6th and Arizona.

And finally, a sight seen regularly, several times a day, in one form or another in the Bible Belt. Painfully missing on a broad scale here in the southern california regions:

Both Israel and I were so suprised to see this blatant statement that Israel retrieved the camera while we were still 2 miles behind the semi in traffic. We knew if we patiently waited, we'd soon be near/pass the guy.

*Sigh* Gotta love that LA freeway.


There you have it.

I'm sure you've a few in your neck of the woods. What have you seen lately, that you haven't really seen at all?


Robin's Reports said...

I love that picture of the truck w/ the message. Do you mind if I copy & post that on my blog? I'll give your family the credit.

Robin of FL from SL

Hadias said...

My favorite is the message on the 18 wheeler.

I grew up in NYC and pigeons were part of the human race there. They walk the streets right along with everyone else.

Thanks for sharing your photos.

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