Monday, June 30, 2008


Blase` would be a fitting descriptor, if one were to describe what my life has been like the past few days, bereft of power to my beloved Canon.

Due to the nature of circumstances at large lately, I hadn't really noticed that I was missing my digital device. I was too focused on big, relational issues and the presenting of myself before the Lord - with petition upon my lips in intercession on behalf of others.

All that changed late afternoon yesterday, when, on our soggy return trip from an impromptu visit to the pool, I looked up at the tender tree stoically standing beside the sidewalk.

I was. stunned.

Vibrant color resonated in shouts of life: creams, golden flecks, burnished browns, and tender tans all drew me in to the beautiful, majestical cloak of bark wrapped around the arteries of of life within.

It was then that my senses were awakened to the fact that I had absolutely no way to record my findings, except to etch them on the sketch pad of my mind.

I must. get. batteries!

So, off to the store we went.

I, now properly endowed with all photographical power to the forth degree, am once again prepared to encapsulate vistages of my travels, loved ones, and experiences. Not only for myself, but for you. My ChoiceCentral readership at large.

Today, celebrate.


birthblessed said...

Sorry your camera has been unavailable. My washer and dryer are broken. Can you imagine?

Wendy said...

I understand your moment of panic.

You see I cannot find the battery charger for my camera. :-(

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