Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Winners In And Out Of The Game

I know so many of you are wondering about Aubrey's heart, and the contents thereof in this adventure we find ourselves in. As Aubrey has rigorously worked through the emotions of being 'second fiddle' in many ways, she has discovered much about herself. And I, in the process, have discovered much about my daughter.

I've discovered that Aubrey enjoys a sense of security. She likes to know that when she jumps of the proverbial cliff, a proverbial net is going to be there to catch her as she falls. I say this not to her detriment, but rather to our amazement. It is how she is hardwired. It's how she ticks. That piece of information, since she is a dominant personality is incredibly valuable to know. Now, as I assist her in navigating forward in her life, am fully aware that she would like to be educated about an endeavor before she begins putting her hand to the plow. (Or the fire-escape hatch, whichever the case may be!)

I can confidently state now that we have a game plan for Aubrey's success in persuing her heart's dream. And, should she discover along the way that this dream gives birth to another, different dream, we are a-ok with that.

So that takes us to the littlest of our bunch ~ the one who would seemingly only be tagging along for the ride.


He's catching eyes everywhere we go. The L'il Guy's uber-cuteness has us the community mesmerized.

Looks like he's a game of his own. ")


Everyone give a shout out to BirthBlessed, who is the winner of SimplyChurch! As I read her experience of travelling to Paris and Geneva at the age of 11, I thought ~ gee whiz ~ that in and of itself is an eye opener as to the vast creative power of God. And yet, the Lord impacted her world through the life of one who had given his life as a sacrifice in honor of his King. May we all have the same heart attitude.

Everyone's encounters were wonderful to read, some keenly near and dear to my heart . . .

Thank you for participating in this giveaway, as I meander new territory with wacky time frames and wild adventures! ")

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Joyce said...

Hi Aubrey! I miss your fun & your smile & your sweetness.

How's the beach? Take it all in for me!!

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