Monday, May 05, 2008

A Twist

Have I mentioned I'd be residing in sunny California soon? {chuckle} As per The Adventure would have it, the long weekend away from the blogosphere took us on a journey of epic proportions ~ particularly for the DellDog, who, for the very first time, flew on a plane.

Suprise! We're here!

How was our journey you ask? Well, take a gander for yourself . . .and prepare to enter a Fab-O-Lous giveaway at the end of this post!

Here's the photojournalistic run-down:

Dell had suspected for days that something was up. He was bound and determined not to be left behind! Tagging along every time the door opened, his anxiety began to peak. I decided, at the behest of the veterinarian, to go ahead and give him (the DellDog, not the vet) some benadryll for the ride. Sure enough, calmed him right down. He luxuriated in the limo with the rest of us, only slightly tweaked:

This next photo is nothing short of incredible! Managing to capture Keller in a full blown laugh is challenging, since his 'laugh' is merely a big, wide smile with no noise. I couldn't contain my joy, when I found this joyous expression in mint condition; digitalized forever!

Aubrey's wonderment captured my heart ~ I'd forgotten that she'd not been on a plane in a very long time . . .the mountains of California certainly engaged her imagination:

When we arrived, weary but happy, Israel took a few shots to add memories. It was us and bags the size of Utah. Egads!

Since arriving, we've gotten settled; picked up work permits; made a trip to Huntington Beach to the Sonlight Big Fat Meetup (yes, I did. -smile- ); joined a local assembly for fellowship; eaten both authentic Persian and Chinese cuisine; and hiked a nearby canyon complete with sore and aching muscles to prove it! For all of my wrangling with the unknown, I have to say, God is good, and I do believe our sojourn here will be filled with His direction, provision, and education.

Not too shabby for a Pilgrim. ")

In celebration of the new twist on The Adventure, I'm hosting a blog giveaway today!

Every where one goes, one can find and meet fellow believers, and engage in Christ's Life together. Please share in the comments section with fellow ChoiceCentral readers an experience you've had while travelling, of meeting another brother or sister in Christ that made a huge impact on you. Each person who comments will have their name put into a drawing. The winner drawn will receive a copy of Simply Church by Tony and Felicity Dale:

Come on and join in the fun! Share! ")


Bob and Cheri said...

It was great to meet you and your amazing and talented family.

Prayers over each of you as you dance with Him and follow His lead.

Cheri in WA

birthblessed said...

I'm so thrilled you had a great weekend!

When I was a child my grandparents were missionaries in Paris, France. My father took me there to visit them when I was 11. We spent a few nights in Albertville, where my grands had done language school. From there we took a day trip to Geneva. In Geneva, we met a young man who was biking across Europe, and telling people about Jesus everywhere he stopped. We shared a picnic lunch with him, and had some time of worship right there in the middle of Geneva. As we headed back to our place in Albertville, we invited the young man to come. He showed up the next day, and appreciated a nice warm bed for the night, and a hot meal. Again, we had worship right there. It was incredible to meet him, and share an impromptu worship while on our trip to France. That was a trip of a lifetime for me, and I've always wanted to go back.

ryandkris/kristy said...

I had so much fun meeting you! Your family is beautiful:)

Joyce said...

I traveled 816 miles to meet someone I only knew through the keyboard of my computer and found a dear sister in Christ. Then I met her terrific dh who tolerated a stranger in his home, stealing his precious time with his wife. And I found her wonderful children in all levels of faith to be a refreshing bunch of fun & joy!

They blessed me beyond belief and it was so wonderful to have a fellowship in Him that crosses all the miles between us.

....and now so many more.

To find such wonderful Christian friends through the wonders of cyberland continues to amaze me.

DancingQueen said...

Back in the mid-80s I was a co-op student studying to be a software engineer. I had a short term assignment with IBM in San Jose, CA. The job with IBM was fabulous and I met all kinds of nice, smart, and yes, geeky, people. One of them was an older guy who was an electrical engineer. We chatted and we discovered we were both Christians. Then he described how he and his wife "homeschooled" his kids. Huh? That was the first time I'd heard of anyone homeschooling--long before I was married with kids--but the idea stuck with me. Now we're in our ninth year!

Anonymous said...

After being bitterly spun around by a life altering storm we have been planted in a faraway land known as Alabama..Having been here for about 6 months a friend said go to this church over here they are like we went and when we walked through the doors we were amazed at the thickness of the Holy Spirit..we chatted briefly with the pastor and his wife and went home..the next time we entered the church the pastors wife met me with tears in her eyes and said God had spoke to her about us and she embraced me with a kindness I rarely run across in people only God I am so very thankful for her and her kindness. God is the one who knits us together in love one with the other.

Charlotte in MN said...

When I was 19, my family drove to Alaska. We had several mishaps, but perhaps the worst was when we were forced off the road by a logging truck. Immediately we had people there to help us - a heavy duty 4-wheel drive pickup, someone with a chain to pull us out and someone to direct traffic around us. We really saw God's hand in our protection. When we finally made it to Seward, Alaska (with not much cash left), we went to church. One of the first people we met at the church was Hazel, the woman who managed the personnel in the cannery. I earned all my college money by working in the cannery and Hazel was a shining example to us every day (all 13 hours of it).

Anonymous said...

Can I just link to my amazing blessing I received?

There are photos and everything. Then I went to La Jolla, which is similar to heaven...oh, it was so nice.


Karen/flutter2you said...

Debbie and family in Brownsville! Smoking van engine... three days in Brownsville....


Beth said...

Angi! You've left us....and we never found a time to get together! Hopefully when you return we can plan something.

It sounds like you had quite an adventure getting to California & enjoying your first days there. I love the photo of Keller & Israel on the plane. Aubrey is beautiful!

I have many fond memories of where God has placed certain people in our paths, "for such a time as this". There have been moments of a comment or a hug that was much needed, to times when a helping hand was offered. I am always reminded of the song, "There are angels among us"!

Dawn said...

I keep forgetting to tell you that last Wed I had read Phil 4 and felt that it was for you.

Adventures...?! The three day marathon move from MI comes to mind. We left on a Wed evening (I think). I drove a full size Ford van complete w/ Uhaul with my husband following in the pick up. About an hour later the trailer got loose and I started fish tailing back and forth across I-75. When God got the van undercontrol we stopped and switched drivers. Then we drove all day the next day in snow all the way to KY. Finally on the 3rd day we got to Gpt, MS about 10p and then were lead to our new home. One we had never seen and we unloaded our mattress and went in and went to bed! Whew!!!!

God's provision is amazing! Miss you guys already...

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