Friday, April 25, 2008

Mom? Is That You?

So, when did this happen? Like, for real?

The moment when I crossed the line and not only reflected my mother's image, but picked up her playful faces, which she in turn got from Grandpa?


The camera does not lie.

Fasten your seat belts. This next image requires nerves of steele:

I know, I know. Slapstick physical humor has it's place. Just ask Jim Carrey.

All kidding aside (since I really *do* love my mother . . .her 1000 faces included)

Let's do a photographic review of all things DNA. With the brunette of the family:

Can you stand it? Do you need to avert your eyes to hide from the beauty? Or are you drawn in, drinking in those fine sculptured facial features? I, for one, am mesmerized.

Vantage points r us:

When will she say it? When will she notice?

"I've turned into my mother."

By definition, the epitome and expression of love.


D said...

aww...Bethany is so beautiful! and chickie, um, watch your face! lol

Annette in MN said...

Hey Angi... IsAMom here. I'm no longer on the SL forums, but think of you often. Found the link to your blog through Andrea's. I'll be praying for Israel's new adventure and for you joining him in CA. I lived there for two years, and while I would never call it home, it does offer some great adventure.

Praying for you sweet sister.

Annette in MN

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