Monday, April 28, 2008

In Keeping With The Current Theme . . .

. . .how about some Mutt Moments?!? :)

Of course, my champion-lined purbred furbaby is far from mutt ~ it's all about the alliteration, people! Well, that, and the photos that speak without words!

Call me sentimental, introspective, meditative . . .whichever you prefer. Just, please ~ for my sake ~ love my brood alongside me. It's all I ask. Honest. ")

So without further ado, grand glimpses of the DellDog:

Even the dog needs Hollywood shades!

O Wise Bearded One

Eh? Whaddaya say? Speak up!

Super Action Hero Dog - To The Rescue!!

Okay, so I used words. I couldn't help myself. (It's Monday.)

Your Monday Morning Mutt-Fest is now complete. You may return to your regularly scheduled busy-ness and chaos.

Return tomorrow for . . .

Whatever [ahem] unique thoughts I'll have then!

Be Blessed! ")


Kim & Dave said...

Too Cute!!!

Almost as cute as the "K" boys ;-)

Beth said...

Cute! We definitely love the Brood!

D said...

I love you, Dell! lol

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