Friday, February 22, 2008


Figuring out
How she fits in
To a world called 'adult'
'Being a grown up'
'Mature' and 'Responsible'


Jodi said...

I remember being 15 and having a 5 year old sister and a 7 year old brother. Having to be "Responsible" and "Mature" and resenting it when I was treated as a kid. It was a hard transition for me.
Lucky for Aubrey she has a house full of Godly adults to aspire to. She will grow to be a strong and beautiful woman and gracious and loving lady.

Oh Joy! said...

Wow. I like the background!! She looks like she's having fun holding Keeton..............poor thing.

Rain said...

I have a fifteen-year-old as well, and I see the struggle in her to see where and who she is right now, but she has amazing faith and is so much more "together" than I was at her age.

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