Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Ears Have It

I've encountered several questions regarding Keller's ears of late. The cutiepatutie's adorable little face is accentuated by an equally adorable set of ears, that seem to have come out of nowhere.

Well, today is the day I set all familial naysayers at bay.

Today I grant you evidence in kind that indeed, this child is his father's child, through and through!

Ears in question [photo circa November 2007, Keller with a friend, Chris]:

Note the Ear Protuberance Level [aka EPL]: heightened.

Now I submit incriminating evidence circa 1960, via Gil's third grade school portrait:

Ah. There. Now ~ you see?

EPL: heightened. Note also the broader forehead, the adorable little nose, and the unique chin which also coincide with parental dna.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the defense rests.



Doug said...

E.P.L. :)rofl

Oh Joy! said...

You're hilarious.

I remember that picture of Gil from somewhere and so I knew he had Gil's ears.


marygrace :-) said...

Funny how those traits have a way of showing up, huh? :-)

nj olson said...

i think the baby is adorable. and thanks for letting me look at your family.

Joyce said...

I'll let the defense rest... but those eyes belong to mama! :)

Temmy said...

I have a couple of cousins with sets of ears like that.

I wonder if we're all somehow related.


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