Saturday, January 26, 2008


Don'cha get bummed when your favorite bloggers fall off the face of the earth on the weekends?

While I'm gracious and all, and appreciate people having lives that do not entail sitting in front of a computer screen, I still look forward to that little respite that comes on a relaxing day. When it's not there, well . . .bummer.



YOU feel the same way too??


What like-mindedness we seem to have!

Hmmm? What did you say?

Oh! YOU are waiting for ME to give you a weekend update???

How silly of me! I never knew you were waiting on ME of all people. Sheesh!

Ummmmm . . .well . . .life bowled me over today. And, well, I'm currently recuperating with a bowl of freshly made HOMEmade beef stew. And fresh baked French Bread. With butter.

So, if you'll excuse me . . .just for a few more hours.

After all ~ Aubrey is standing in faith . . .will you?



Sunshyne said...

Your posts are quite poignant these days, aren't they? :)

I'll tell you my secret if you'll just tell me yours! :P :P

Missing you much... would love to curl up on your fluffy couch with that sweet new baby of yours and a cup of coffee for some good conversation. :)

Joyce said...

Hmpf! Well... if you must....

Standing with Aubrey. :)

Oh Joy! said...





Andrea said...

Now...Now...don't dog us Mon-Fri bloggers!!!

I must give my fingers a break on the's that like a Commandment or something??

Standing w/Aubrey...


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