Friday, December 21, 2007

We Really Did. Honest.

This time of year, the blogosphere has no lack in regard to the photo journaling of cookie making. Wouldn't you agree? Hence, I loathe to post yet another cookie-sequence, lest I give my readership a tummy-ache.

However. On occassion, I do believe it is prudent, especially when one is dealing with such a far out tale, as yesterday's Tortise and Hare story turned out to be. Oh, that I would have had the sense to photo journal that little series of events, but alas, who knew it would be such a comedy? (I therefore release myself from any blogospheric guilt.)

So, as proof that the aforementioned tale truly did occur, I submit to you the handiwork of my eldest daughter, an artisian, a tender heart before the Lord. As you can see, her heart is full of love ~ for two individuals in particular.



Joyce said...

But I wonder... in your land of bliss... did your dc actually clean up the cookie mess?


Thankfully my artisan (& I) can't eat aforementioned cookies so we don't bake or decorate or use that recipe that totally messes up the whole kitchen!

Enjoy your full home... this too shall pass.

Hadias said...

How sweet.

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