Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Today I Think I'll . . .

reminisce about Israel's DNA strand.

My GilGuy took this remarkable photo on Christmas eve, and it stopped me short. As I peered past the lighting effects from the fireworks, I felt as though I were looking into the past ~ a remembrance of days gone by, and a childhood lived.

In the above photo, I saw Israel's biological half-brother Jeremy: Who, of course, reflects his father, Larry [who passed away when Israel was four], at a similar age:

On so many occassions I look at Israel, and see nothing short of 'my side' of the family. He looks like me primarily, like his maternal grandmother's lineage secondly.

That said, you can see why the Fireworks Photo took me by such suprise.

It is increasingly evident that my son will be a man of stature. Marking his hands and feet, plus his genetic history, I'll not be suprised if he reaches the six foot mark. Will he remain lanky, and wiry? Will he bulk up? Will he continue to carry my appearance, or will his features shift to present a new generation of his biological roots?

Time is the vehicle that will tell all of this.

Meanwhile, I take hold of his every joy and antic of today. Lest, when tomorrow comes, I am bereft of any memory of his childhood that gives me joy.

Today's son is tomorrow's man ~ the transition has surely begun.


Jenn said...

WOW - what an amazing likeness! Love your closing line - It hit me hard when I looked over at my son!

~ Angi :) said...

Thank you, Jenn ~ I'm glad someone else can see the resemblance! Your comment made me realize that some out there in the blogosphere do not know our story, so I did an Edit to Add, that Larry passed away when Israel was four.

That reality brings the transition time much closer to heart-home. Enjoy your son . . .every moment.

Blessings! :)

Dawn said...

I love the fireworks photo. It's so important to enjoy each moment of the too quick time of childhood and this post was so good at capturing that. Occasionally I look at my son and wonder what he'll look like as a man-then I enjoy the cuddles and silliness of now all the more.

Kim & Dave said...

Wow, Angi! Your're right. The resemblance is AMAZING!!!

I know that feeling of wnating time to stand still....& my oldest is only 6...

Mary Grace said...

Amazing to see bits of those we have loved (and sometimes lost) pop up in our children. I recently rec'd a photo of my father at 15 that made me literally gasp: this is *exactly* what Logan will look like at that age. The likeness was almost *disturbing*.

I can't imagine the kind of long pause that you must feel in looking at your son. To be on the cusp of manhood--and also to be so similar to his father--what a poignant time for you *both*.

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