Thursday, November 15, 2007

Let's Hear It For: SOOOP-er Gram!!!

"Ladies and Gentlemen:

It is with great excitement that we bring you this very special
news announcement
: Gram has been OFFICIALLY initiated and indoctrinated to the world of taking care of TWO [count 'em] TWO babies at once!! Passing the exam with flying colors, we now go to our on site news reporter for a close up look at this AMAZING accomplishment:"

Here she is with Baby #1 (the hefty 3 month old, 14 pound Keeton, aka Moose) in the sling, which began as an attempt to keep him settled whilst she prepared his [off site because Momma's not around] meal. In the middle of this activity, however, Baby #2 (the petite 6 week old, 9 pound Keller, aka Mouse) decided it was a wonderful time to relocate his most recent meal to the baby bouncer. Therefore, a bath was decidely (and most trickily) in order:
(Crowd goes wild in the stands, as Baby #2 lands IN the bath water)

Nonetheworseforwear, nor unscathed, SuperGram exits said such bath debacle with nary a scratch! As a matter of fact, those Babes in GramLand are looking quite happy and content!

{camera pans back to original announcer . . .}

"Yes, folks . . .it is indeed an historic day in GramLand. Please
leave your accolades in comment form. Gram needs all the kudos she can get. Until next time . . . ."


Dawn said...

Way 2 go! And you thought you were challenged... I think this should put that thought completely out of your mind. Who is the amazing photographer - who didn't offer to help this very successful mission. Congratulations! How does it feel handling the "twins", Gram?

gil_broussard said...

Angi modestly left out that she setup the camera on a timer during the burdensome baby bustle blowout.

Joyce said...

Yeah for Mouse & Moose to have such an overachiever to care for them! :)

Angie said...

I am with first observation wasn't the successful juggle of grammy extrodianare..but the photography that documented this event...way to go!!!

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