Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Kare and Keeping of Keller

It would be easier to peel myself away from my little boy if he didn't have those incredible curiosity-filled eyes.

Looking, looking ~ a studious read of every item that catches his penetrating gaze.

Then, filled with new knowledge, satiated by the educational value transmitted via the silent speech of visual communication, he turns his head and continues on.

I watch and wonder and learn right along with him.

What wonders this world contains.


Mary Grace said...

Oh, Angi! I just delight in *your* obvious delight in mothering this precious little boy. Here's to mommas everywhere who have figured it out--a baby is a blessing, and not a second should be taken for granted.

Dawn said...

Wow, his eyes are so bright and clear even in the picture. How quickly they grow and change! I am grateful that you are able to enjoy every second with him. Such a rare gift.

Sunshyne said...

He's kissably cute! Give him a lil eskimo kiss on his cute nose for me, would ya? :)

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