Monday, July 23, 2007

Signs Of The Times ~

My eyelids are heavy, and my body demanding of me to enter a horizontal zone FAST . . .

Yet I argue, and press against the tide, waiting for word from Tiffany that she is home safe.

The text message arrives, and I can now succumb to the demands of my physical being . . .but my mind races on ~

The telltale clues of imminent arrival of that Little Man are beginning to crop up everywhere.

Will tonight be the night?

Will my phone ring?

Will dawn bring the presence of a new life?


The waiting game intensifies;
The signs of the times line the side of life's road,
Declaring a soon to be seen intersection.

1 comment:

Sunshyne said...

My time has flown by. Babies are on the way!!

I'm so excited for you all, and am believing with you for safe, healthy, and speedy deliveries. Here's to happy times, sweet little ones, and resting moms!

Love ya,

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