Thursday, July 05, 2007

Patriotic Survival Of The Fittest

I'm not sure what YOUR holiday looked like for you . . .

but as for me and my house?

Consider us Triathalonists of a new genre!

Our day began at 6 am, with preparations for the Annual SAR Fourth of July Ceremony/Celebration at Beauvior, the antebellum home of Jefferson Davis.

Each year, we do it up right in the patriotism department by acknowledging the heros of the American Revolution. My husband leads the way, as the (as we lovingly call them) Octo's follow. Each of these gentlemen has served our country in the armed forces, in a war, and have direct decendants in thier lineage to the American Revolution.
Then, we march down the wooded path, over the little bridge that takes us to a small confederate cemetary, that houses the remains of Jefferson Davis' father, Samuel Davis. Samuel Davis is the only American Revolutionary war hero buried in Harrison County, Mississippi.

Gil and the children lead in prayer, rousing reads of patriotic poetry . . .

The crowd is enraptured in the significance of the honors being given . . .

And then, we all take in the turtle nearby, laying her eggs. (a very patriotic thing to do, you know.) :)

A breakfast follows, then a hearty nap as the rain drizzzles the afternoon away.

But what's this?

The day isn't over?

Oh, no . . .

by early evening, a steady stream of folk arrive at the door . . .adults, children, dogs, fireworks.

A hearty American meal of burgers and dogs (umm . . .not the same dogs as the ones that came through the door, mind you. Hot Dogs. silly.) ensue, fireworks sparkle and sputter, whistling through the Mississippi sky, while laughter and comradarie, friendship and fun abounds.

By the time the evening concludes, the stars are brightly twinkling overhead, the host of children have sighed heavy sighs of exhausted relief, and we are more than ready to call it a day.

Happy Birthday, America.

Land of the Free.

Home of the Brave.

May God Bless.

1 comment:

Jodi said...

I can't imagine a more patriotic way to honor Independance Day.
I am sing praises to Lord for you and your family.
Love ya girl, with all my heart!!!

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