Monday, July 30, 2007

Ode To The Radish

Delectable Veggie,
So round and bright ~

A delicious snack,
Morning, Noon, or Night.

As I snipped off the radish ends yesterday, I could not help but feel overjoyed at my grocery store find. Radishes are simply delicious!

Recently, a guest gingerly scooped up a bright red and white radish and declared that she had NEVER tasted one before . . .I was aghast! How could this be?

Radishes are a staple of every little garden across America, are they not?
Clean, fresh, slightly hot; cripsy and crunchy - one has not lived until they've eaten a radish.

So, if you fall in the camp of Never Had A Radish ~ I suggest you head down to your local grocer today and purchase some. Bright red, with or wihtout leaves attached. Bring them home, rinse them, snip them, eat them.

You'll be glad you did! :)


Jodi said...

I personally don't care for them but I have tried them. Although I am a big fan of Spaghetti... How 'bout you?

Karen - flutter2you said...

Okay, this blog really made me laugh! Remember when you first moved to Mississippi, and you planted your little garden in Orange Grove? And when I came to visit, RADISHES were ready and we picked the first one that day you showed me the garden! And you were SURPRISED that they grew so fast!!! LOLOL

Yummy - I love them too - but Beth doesn't - so I don't eat them very often! Have one for me!!!

What's happening in the baby department????

Karen/flutter2you said...


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