Thursday, April 19, 2007

More Adventures With SuperGil

I know you've been waiting.

On pins and needles, ready for the next episode of SuperGil ~
otherwise known as: American GilGuy.

So, he came home from work the other night, urging me to "Come outside and take a look at this!"

Meet Popeye:

Gil has a history of random items on his Passat just popping out of place. Like the time he was driving to Baton Rouge and his sunroof inexplicably exploded into a thousand shattered pieces, leaving him to believe someone was attempting to shoot him . . .at 70 miles an hour!

Y'know, the GilMeister is pretty handy, but this issue had him a little blue:
Seems he was driving along, minding his own business, when suddenly there was (another!) loud *POP* and then a hideous ~ yes, I said hideous gravel-y scraping noise.
He had to pull over. The morning commuters were staring as they drove by, but, as is usual in today's society, no one bothered to stop and see if all was well.
This is what he found:

The markings were obviously made under great friction . . .so Gil demonstrated his theory to me of how, exactly, the whole deal went down:

Fortunately, this little incident cost no more than a few precious moments of daylight. GilGuy successfully operated on Popeye the Passat, and voila'! Once again the little blue car that could happily buzzed the highways and byways of redneck country.
What a sight to see! :)

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