Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday Siesta Success

Someone congratulate me!
I do believe I've crossed the threshhold of the Daylight Savings Time Sleep Pattern Adjustment Barrier!

Yep! :) It's true! After a week of arising before humanly acceptable thanks to a little clock-work by our ever-famous Ben Franklin, I do believe that I am now completely adjusted to the new timestamp of life in North America! :)

Of course, there were many challenges, notwithstanding the most difficult morning of all, Friday. How can I describe to you EXACTLY how I felt crawling out of the warm, soft covers that chilly morn? Before the birds were singing? Hmmm . . .I suppose the best method is a pictoral rendering of my mood. Ready?

This is me, Friday AM:

{{shudder}} It was pretty tough ~ I very rarely cross that major of a grump-line. But there it was, in full force, warning my family members, the dog, and yes, even the birds of just how unhappy I was . . .

But then, just as magically, it happened. The Transformation. The Adjustment. The Acceptance.

I awoke Saturday morn with nary a difficulty . . .and re-filled my sleep quota Saturday eve well into Sunday morn.

Ahhh . . .

I feel human again.


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