Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Toned Pancakes . . .or somethin'.

I've really been trying to reconcile the two images in my mind all day.

I made a major decision, and DEMANDED of my pregnant, physical being exercise activity today . . .the re-start of a previous endeavor some months ago, derailed by surgery and holiday.

That's how I found myself once again in the presence of a predominantly (at least in my area) octogenarian event called Water Aerobics. (See Pictorial Guide below.)

Meanwhile, miles away in a distant land to the east, my Pal . . .my beloved coffee-drinkin' fool of a friend, my com padre in all adventures requiring great mental acuity derived from the ingestion of plenty of breakfast type carbs and proteins, dined upon a feast of (I'm certain) strawberry crepes and hash browns and plenty of bacon. Oh. And of course, coffee.


She did.

I know, I know . . .she's preparing for a marathon of another sort.

I guess I do not despise her for it.

But gee . . .I really wanted to go, too . . .



gil_broussard said...

Kudos to you, Angi!

There is an IHOP on the way to water aerobics -- you could have diverted your noble calling to join Snorkeling Seniors, aka Granny Gets Water Goggles, aka Diving for Dentures...

Instead, you made one of your patented ChoiceCentral choices.

You called into being that which be not.

You redefined IHOP:

I Have Other Priorities

Karen/NH said...

Laughed at the entry - (sounds so much like me - EXERCISE? ha! "Pass me another cookie please!"

But Gil - what delight to read your response - and now, I'll hold that Acronym in my head (and heart) as I too, pass the place by!

Sunshyne said...

ROFL. Good one, Gil.


Gil's comments are becoming a blog unto themselves.

Time to get your own space, GilGuy! :P

Jodi said...

I am with Sunshyne on this one, Gil. When are you going to join the bloggers? With your witty repartee, you would fit in very well. I look forward to reading your daily entries.

But enough about that. Angi, I always delight in you entries! Kudos is definitely in order here.

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