Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Revision Of The Dell Dog And Other Tales

So, we had a Family Meeting.

It seems the Dell Meister has careened a bit out of control of the Behavioral Boundary Levels (heretofore known as the BBL) of tolerance for life among the 'umans.

First task at hand: to debrief the handsome schauzer of all the varied and sundry Different-Commands-For-One-Task-Required placed upon him by the multiple human house dwellers in this particular home.


Mom: "Dell! Sit!" {Dell sits.}

Dad: "Dell! Sit Down!" {Dell sits occasionally}

Daughter: (In a sing-song-y voice) "Dell . . .de . . .ll! here, Dell . . .sit. sit. sit. SIT!" {Dell dances, stares, cocks his head, and finally, sits, licking his chops.)

Son: (In a wild-boy schreechy kind of voice) "Oh Dell Puppy!! Oh London Boy! Sit. Sit! Sit. Sit. Sit! SIT! Sit. . . . Dell Puppy! Sit! Sit. . . .sit. sit . . . " (boy becomes distracted by nintendo game, Dell wanders off . . .)


The New Rule?

Mom is the Alpha Command Giver (ACG) until said such time as Dell Dog is UnConfused.



Sunshyne said...

What!?! Are you saying Dell isn't an ANGEL? Hmfpt! Perhaps he just needs to be groomed so you can see his halo.

...or you can just send him to live with me. All I need is another dog :)

Heck, I could trade you... a couple ferrets. Gil would just LOVE it, ya know?

Anonymous said...

It's just like raising children, oh alpha one - it never hurts to get their undivided attention from time to time.


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