Saturday, December 30, 2006

I Did It! :)

I am thoroughly delighted with myself; tickled pink; pleased as punch, if you will! :)

For a very long time, I've surfed scrapbooking sites, scrappy girls' blogsites, and perused magazines galore. Each time, I think, "I need to upload some of my stuff . . ."

Yet, I was not compelled to actually DO just that.

Why? I asked myself . . .it is no different than taking a picture.

Well, by golly, I DID it! I grabbed my camera, clicked a few pics, uploaded them, and voila! Here is my VERY FIRST presentation of my scrapbooking style on the blogoshpere.


{patting myself on the back}

I can now list myself with all those scrappy gals out there . . .YEEHAW!

so, enough of the self-edifying deluge. Here is the scoop surrounding this particular work of art:

The photo above is a picture of what I call a Compliment Book. A simple notebook, which I have given decor, that suits a particular individual. Inside, the owner jots down compliments she/he has received over a course of time. When filled, the owner has a virtual fan club . . .and can enjoy in black and white the memories of those who have lauded her character traits. Cool, huh?

This particular Compliment Book is for my sister, Val, who has a bit of edgy, fun, egotistical humor. Hence, the title.

Whaddaya think? :)

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