Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Hello, BlogWatchers . . .I am simply THRILLED for a blogosphere-ic buddy of mine, Joy Madison. Joy is the creator of, a blog I found one evening while looking up the keywords 'Jesus' and 'Scrapbooking' at the same time! Head over to her site to check out the good news, posted Wednesday, December 20! :)

by the way ~ I believe her most powerful statement is imbedded in the interview portion of her bio on-site (follow the link she provides . . .you'll find it!)

What things do you like to communicate through your work?

The core message of my art is
simple; God is love. This simple truth is my foundation. I was lost and now I am found. I want my art to reflect the truth about life, the conflict and resolution, the pain and joy, the sympathy and celebration. Every moment no matter where I am, high or low His love finds me there again. I want my children and my husband, my family and anyone interacting with my art to see that love.

(follow the link on her site to see the entire interview)

Let's celebrate with her! :)

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