Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What Color Is Your Candle?

I had completely forgotten about these candle holders ~ my heart simply leapt as they emerged from the jaws of a reused cardboard coffin, where they had been confined.

A ressurection of sorts.

Tonight, these warm sentries stand post atop my 1864 upright piano.

Glimmering soft and comfortable they speak to me of hope and beauty and contentedness, and give me pause to consider the light I reflect.

What color is my candle, that I reflect to my world? Am I bruised and beaten, or worn and weary?

Am I humbled before a Magnificient King, who in a breath secured for me eternal existance in His presence?

Am I triumphant in victory over my foe? Am I daring and bold in the face of adversity? Am I persistent and consistent as I travel this untrod road?

Will I accomplish my purpose, for which I have been born?

Will others know that I love Him, seek Him, adore Him ~ will I tell of His love with words and without . . .

May my heart ever present in His company be. My candle yet glowing for the world to see.


Angie said...

thank you for these precious jewels that are your thoughts..I would give the world to be there at Christmas or anytime for that matter and these insights help more than you will ever know.
much love to you and your light as it guides some of us through the darkness.

Anonymous said...

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