Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Then There's The Beigneits'

So, the Bamboo forest was fascinating in it's own right.

Yet, there was nothing quite like being back at Cafe' Dumonde once again, as it bustled; and people hustled the crowd into a controlled hush. The street vendors clamouring for every person's attention, The clop, clop, clop of horses hooves upon pavement . . .

And what trip is complete without impulsive action, and a drive to the Gulf Coast? Beth, Karen and I took in the new Katrina Momument on the Biloxi Town Green . . .

(The top of the wall is the height of the surge of tidal waters.)

And, of course, a visit with Dell! :)

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Ivan Chew said...

LOL, I loved the last photo! It has that "puppy haircut". Love the droopy ears. My schaunzer used to have that half-droopy ears too but now they perk up like a rabbit. People still mistake him for a rabbit when we bring him out :)

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