Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fallen Icon


Oh the despair! I'm beside myself, simply put out. My husband, the valiant and distinguished Gil Silvers of Flickr fame, has changed his icon.


He revels in his own brilliance while I grieve over the loss of his eye.

Those eyes.

How they pierce me, azure blue.

Once, the world could see the intensity of his life passion through his eye. Alas, now it reflects on his genius.

Where is my camera? This simply must be fixed!


Karen in NH said...


What a shame - and Gil - how could you???

Get that camera clicking away, Ang! A "mistake" like this can easily be fixed!!! And an experienced photojournalist such as yourself is just the person to fix it!

("Uh-oh, I just gave your order to the car in front of you!" "Can I take your picture?" click, click!)

[I know that of which I speak!! oh, what memories!]


Sunshyne said...

I'm sensing a story here?!?

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