Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mini Musing

I met a woman at the post office yesterday who has a canine history similar to mine: formerly an owner of a large dog breed (hers, a Great Danes, mine German Shepherds), now switching gears to a small, portable size (hers a Cocker Spaniel, mine a Miniature Schnauzer). :) As we chatted, I was pleased to hear her tell of the definite benefits to owning a smaller pet. She also spoke of the quirks of the new breed she owned, and her adjustment period to such.

The sense of anticipation and excitement I am experiencing is a bit uncanny ~ I do not remember when I've looked so forward to an occasion such as this. I suppose that is because it has been over 13 years since a new pup joined our family!

So, wait with me, as word of the new pup's birth is imminent, and preparations (and contracts!) are put in place . . .


Gil said...

Babie, my lawyer is drawing up documents in Excel, of all formats!


First draft should be finished today. The hold up, he says, has been difficulty with the glossary, specifically the quantification of (and sanctions for) terms like odor, yip, and slobber.

: )

joy madison said...

:) I hope you get word soon!

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