Saturday, February 18, 2006

Reunited . . .

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Meet our family ~ all six of us! Here we are celebrating Aubrey's 13th birthday, Tiffany's return to the MS Gulf Coast post-Katrina, and the reality that we had not been together as a family unit for over 5 months! It was truly an extraordinary day!

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This photo 'pert near says it all . . .My daughters. Sigh. Unconventional as their mother. :)

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Well, maybe Bethany HAS grown roots in Mississippi soil. From the Bowling League Membership card arriving in my mailbox, along with the monthly "Bowlers Digest", yes, maybe she has grown up. Twenty something suits her nicely. Much more so than ever. Gee, I really like you, Bethany. You are something else. And beautiful to boot!

Bethany really represents our family's first window into the decision to homeschool. After being utilized as a guinea pig in the public school system during a movement to remove phonics from the classroom (early 90's) and developing terrific coping mechanisms to cover her lack of reading skills, we finally had her Sylvan-tested in her sophomore year. Oi Vei! That I had put my beautiful, artistic, expressive daughter in a Montessori school. She would have thrived. However, Bethany is a Sylvan success story. Bringing her reading skills up to date, she successfully graduated with her class. Her final school years were in a private school setting, with curriculum being provided by Abeka.

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Then there is the Tiff-ster. A charmer, a beauty, a wild-woman all in one fell swoop! Tiffany's Senior year was less than idyllic ~ but truly a God-send. An unwanted decision to remove her from a private school drove us to pick up the Abeka curriculum via DVD at home. While many heartaches were present, there were no doubt many positive repercussions. Tiffany was able to take up a job (Great goin', my awesome work-ethic girl!) and I grew to know my daughter in richer ways. The roller-coaster education continued, as Hurricane Katrina forced our hands once again, causing us to place Tiffany in Nebraska with Grandma, to attend Chadron State College. While Tiffany decided not to stay in NE at the end of the semester, she and I are grateful for the experiences that season brought to her. I now look back and say I would not change a thing. Thanks, Tiff, for rolling with the punches.

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