Saturday, February 18, 2006

A HomeSchooler's Christmas . . .continued

Wow! The nip in the air was a delight to Gil and a drastic change from the unusually warm Virginia weather the children and I were experiencing. The grandeur of the falls set the stage for the remainder of our time in The District: a wide array of experiences, sights, sounds, stimuli and food.

We all concur that our most memorable event was the night we took a midnight ride to The Mall. The brisk wind caught our breath away as we traversed the grounds of some of the most remarkable memorials in the U.S. Our first stop, the Washington Monument, stood tall and stoic, as though to infom us of the principles upon which this great nation was built. Then, through the blackened night to the newly constructed WWII memorial, pictured here.

By far, however, the greatest moments of our midnight adventure was the trip to the Lincoln Memorial. Strong and true, Abraham Lincoln's figure commanded our attention. The words of his remarkable Gettysburg Address inscribed upon the walls, his presence was indomitable. Never mind that he was getting his bath. The scaffolding and wooden planks did not distract from his purpose, his dream, his powerful effect on the course of this great land.

And we, having had a Grand Midnight Ride Adventure slept well into the next morning. A perk of vacationers around the globe!

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